Canada and the USA – Officially a Police State?


I just read a rather disturbing article about how the Occupy movement, specifically in the USA, was crushed under the jack boots of American law enforcement last fall. The article in question can be found here, at least until it is made to disappear by those same interests,  and certainly the documents that article quotes will likely also be unreachable in short order. While it is disturbing to see just how far the police state has become an actuality, it is hardly surprising and for many people that the banks and the corporate elite are the ones pulling the strings.

If the USA has become a police state, as many would argue, does it follow that Canada also is a police state? One needs only look back at the G20 conference held here a few years back to see the kind of police brutality inflicted on those who protested against that. How about the anti-fracking protests in the eastern Canadian provinces? The RCMP became private security for the company prospecting for likely fracking sites, even going so far as being the ones, allegedly, to set fire to their own vehicles and pinning it on the protesters. If you think that the police in this country are not towing the corporate elite lines and following their orders, then you don’t have to look far to find evidence to the contrary.

So what can ordinary people in Canada and the USA do to fight back without being labeled part of the “terrorist” organization that will likely feel the wrath of the police, CSIS, FBI or private security firms who are all working for the richest and the wealthiest on this continent? Perhaps a good question is this. What is it that ordinary people need to be fighting for? is it affordable health care? Is it decent wages? Is it control over our clean water supply? Is it a public pension plan that all Canadians pay into every year? Is it the right to vote? Is it not these things that the Conservative government under Stephen Harper are destroying, dismantling and making increasingly hard to qualify for? Well not surprisingly that is exactly what is happening and so it would seem that Harper’s interests go hand in hand with the corporate elite. What is there left to do then? I guess each individual must ask themselves the question, what can I do? Certainly doing nothing will insure that things will continue going the way they are going and will only get worse, depending on who you believe.



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