Fukishima: Extinction Event?


I am a science fiction fan and have seen most of the recent blockbuster movies depicting what are referred to as extinction events. Some of the favorites are the two movies about the big asteroids that are on a collision course with the Earth, or the latest one where the sun causes the earth’s tectonic plates to shift around, killing almost everyone except those fortunate enough to get onto one of the three giant ark ships. There are the lesser “B” movies out there as well with variations on the theme, but the really good ones, like those I mentioned, have a common theme in the beginning.  The elite scientists and then, of course, the leader of the USA and other countries, find out about the imminent danger to mankind and decide, in their superior thinking, that mankind in general should not find out about the end of the world that is just about to happen, because of course it would cause widespread panic and civil disorder and disrupt the various plans to save the world or some small portion of humanity.  Good, and not so good movies, lots of big movie stars, lots of fantastic special effects, great Hollywood stuff, mostly very entertaining and most people hope that it is all just fiction and that it will never come to pass in their lifetimes.

What is happening in Japan reminds me of those movies, except of course we all know about the earthquake and the devastating tsunami and the destruction of the Fukishima nuclear power plant. There is and was lots of video, still accessible on the internet, showing the tsunami the caused such destruction in Japan and the initial explosion at the Fukishima power plant.  In 2013 the Japanese government enacted laws to muzzle any information relating to Fukishima and the ongoing release of radiation from that plant and the effects it is having on the Japanese people, punishable by jail time and whatever other punishments the courts can impose. N ew information about what is happening there is becoming hard to come by and the effects of radioactive contamination in the air and water around Japan are being deliberately withheld from the general population, even the Japanese people themselves. A friend recently told me his Japanese wife, whose family lives in Tokyo, has not told been informed from the family there about what is going on, either because they don’t know or are afraid to transmit what they do know for fear of being put in jail should they be found out to have released information outside the country.

I am half expecting the president of the USA to come on TV and tell the world we are all doomed, that martial law is being imposed around the world and the big caves are being prepared to save some small privileged portion of the population from what is coming, namely the poisoning of the entire Earth’s biosphere from the radiation coming out of Fukishima. Is it really that bad you ask? Could this be the beginning of the end for all humanity? You know, I really hope not, but if you really have a look at what some of the people out there are saying you would have to really wonder about it. The latest I saw was a guy claiming that the earthquake did not just happen, but was triggered by a secret weapon, and that actual nuclear bombs were planted at Fukishima to insure the maximum amount of damage and fallout after the tsunami hit and destroyed the ability of the plant to keep the nuclear cores from melting down. He implied the Israeli’s Mossad was behind it, that the manner in which the initial explosions happened appeared to be consistent with a bomb and not a meltdown, and the plan was to insure Japan was pretty much destroyed economically and politically as a result, which he claims is exactly what is happening. Is that true? Could some organization be so diabolical to actually do something like that?

My question is this: Where is the media while all this is going on? Initially the media in North America was all over this story, focusing of course on the devastation  from the tsunami, covering the initial meltdown, the explosions at Fukishima, but even before Japan muzzled all news coming out of Japan about Fukishima the press in general had stopped covering this story specifically, almost as if nothing at all was going on now, that everything is all ok. But according to some sources on the internet on May 20th, 2014, there was another fire at Fukishima, this time in reactor building #4, which was offline at the time of the tsunami, but still contained a great deal of waste fuel in the holding pools. If true this would mean that another huge amount of radioactive isotopes are once again being ejected into the atmosphere as a result. Other sources claim that the amount of radioactively contaminated water being released into the Pacific Ocean since the accident is anywhere between 50,000 to 80,000 gallons every day as Tepco has tried to keep whatever radioactive fuel and waste fuels that are still in the ruined buildings from catching on fire. On top of the amount of radiation released initially when reactor 1, 2 and 3 melted down and blew up, there has been a huge amount of radiation released into the air and ocean from this incident, but our media, for the most part, has given this very little attention. Why is that? All the experts that will talk about it claim it is a huge health risk for everyone and anyone that has been exposed, even to small amounts of radiation, and that it stays in the human body and accumulates, that it does not just go away, ever!

On the west coast of North America, the Alaskan coast, the California Coast, the Washington and Oregon coasts, there are reports of massive marine life dying off, everything from starfish to marine birds to seals, anchovy and other fish, while other marine life are showing what is clearly radiation induced sores and lesions, although nobody seems to want to admit that is what they are. It is like Fukishima did not happen and everyone is looking for some other mysterious disease that is causing all this, ignoring the fact that the ocean is being poisoned by the radioactive fallout in the water from Fukishima. Are the media deliberately ignoring this, are they being told not to cover this story? Some would claim that the same group of powerful people that own most of the media in North America and many other countries are the same people who own the nuclear power industry, which, if true, would make it very easy to put a lid on news stories that relate to this, if it was not in their best interest for those stories to be published.  Is that the case? Is this information being withheld for fear that public opinion would turn against these powerful people and the nuclear industry itself?

The other question is this: Do people want to know? Is the general population interested enough in the end of the world, as we know it, to want more information? If you knew that we are possibly looking at Armageddon, would you want to know the truth? I have found something very interesting as I have gotten more information about what is going on and have talked to people about it. It would seem to me that maybe people don’t want to know, not really. I want to know, but several people I have talked to about it kind of get glassy eyed after awhile and would appear to lose interest in the subject. I mean, yea, this is scary stuff for sure, but I want to go out and get some of that iodine stuff that can prevent radioactive iodine from getting into your thyroid and cause cancer. I want to get prepared in whatever way I can if this is really happening, I want to do something, I want to write about it, tell everyone I know, scream it to the world! I want to know what the government is doing about this, if we are doing enough testing to determine if there is dangerous levels of radioactivity where I live, so am I alone in this? I certainly hope I am not the only one who thinks the same way, but I am afraid that if more people don’t feel the same way and start doing something, then it may very well too late for us all.


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  1. Interesting ideas on the possiblity’s that could be going on under our very noses. While most of us are where you were with little time to do anything. Let alone read and write.
    My writing has STOPPED for now. Wake … eat … work …cook … play … movie … sleep.

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