Heavy Hauler Driver at Tar Sands Mine Uncovers Nasty Surprise!

Heavy Hauler

Heavy haul driver Ron Ross got a nasty surprise on the job today and was lucky to walk away in one piece. After receiving a load from the shovel he began driving back down to the wall to unload, when he heard a very loud banging noise coming from the back of the truck. These heavy haulers are noisy as hell and from within the closed confines of the cab it has to be pretty loud for the driver to hear. Ron’s first thought was mechanical failure, an axle had broken, or something equally disastrous, so of course he stopped the hauler, thinking of all the paperwork he would have to fill out, incident reports and the like that he would be writing for hours afterwards. As he prepared to exit the cab however, imagine his surprise when a long, black tentacle crept within sight, coming down over the front of the hauler, followed by a second coming down from the right! Ron started freaking out, got the door of the cabin open, got down the stairs and hit the ground as fast as he could, running at least 20 feet before even glancing back, but what he saw stopped him in his tracks. Rearing up out of the black, tar sand earth load of dirt in the bucket of the truck was something straight out of science fiction! Ron could clearly see now that this was some kind of creature, with at least half a dozen long tentacles emanating from a body that was still not visible, but was obviously in the bucket of the truck. The tentacles were quickly enveloping the cab of the heavy hauler and had already broken through the glass and it was obvious the tentacles had some sort of adhesive properties, sticking to the vertical walls of the cab as they slid into the interior. The strength of those tentacles became obvious as they began tearing the cab of the heavy hauler apart like it was made out of cheap tin. Ron had continued backing away from the vehicle and as he did the body of this beast came into view as it hauled itself out of the bucket of the heavy hauler. It was roughly round, with what now appeared to be nine tentacles attached to it, the bottom few seeming to be pushing itself out of the bucket as the six or so tentacles wrapped around the cab of the hauler were tearing it apart as it aided in pulling the body out of the bucket. That was it for Ron, who turned and ran from the scene as fast as his legs could carry him, not stopping until he was around the next corner and could not longer see the unbelievable scene behind him. After stopping for a quick breather, Ron ran a bit slower down the haul road and soon enough another hauler rounded the next corner and Ron was able to get the drivers attention, waving madly for the driver to stop, which he did. Ron was able to convince the other driver, despite the unbelievable nature of his claim, of the urgency of the situation and emergency crews were called in. Within 10 minutes the emergency crews, ambulance and fire trucks, were on scene and did indeed find the mangled remains of the heavy hauler, but no sign of the monster that had caused such devastation. Ron’s claims were unbelievable and would have been completely discounted, except for the damage done to the heavy hauler and the pictures Ron took with his cell phone. Once the pictures are released from evidence in this ongoing case they will be released to the general public, but for now the public is being warned about this monster, which has apparently slipped back into the tar sands from which it was found.


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  1. Hey thats great

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