Russia’s History versus Fascism


Well things are getting interesting in the Ukraine and of course the western press is already accusing the Russian’s of invading the Ukraine in the Crimea. The Russian’s claim that the movement of troops into the Crimea is in fact covered under the existing agreements in place that allow Russian troops and ships access to parts of the Crimea and the Ukraine. There is already a lot of information and, I’m sure, disinformation on the internet about events unfolding in the Ukraine, but I have read several things that I find interesting and could very well be true, as those putting this information out there have some pretty specific information and it seems credible. The fact that there have been protests and blood spilled is irrefutable, as there is lots of video of the action, people being killed and wounded by gunfire and it is very graphic and very horrible to watch. But the interesting stuff I have read, stuff that is not reported by the western media, is that those who are the agitators, those who are provoking the government forces are being supported by fascist, ultra right wing groups inside and outside of the Ukraine. Now think about that for a minute and think about the fact that, although World War II might seem like ancient history to some people, to the Russian people it was a war in which they lost somewhere between 20 to 30 million people in their “patriotic war” against Hitler’s fascist armies, according to them at least. Now imagine the threat of a fascist organized coup inside what was formerly a Soviet Socialist Republic, one of the largest and richest of the former republics, and that has a large number of Russian people living in it, and the Russian government knows who has been the main agitating groups and who they are being back by. If you think the Russian government does not know exactly what is going on in the Ukraine then think about it again. The Russian’s are rich, for one thing, probably richer than the USA, what with all the oil and gas they are providing to the rest of Europe for the last how many years? The Russian secret service are no doubt just as good as any other spies in the world, so undoubtedly they know exactly what is happening in the Ukraine, who is behind it and whether it is the fascists, the CIA, The Israelis Mossad or whoever, they know and are taking steps to protect their citizens and their interests and they will do so no matter what Barrack Obama has to say about it. So really, is it that surprising if the Russian’s are taking steps to protect themselves and would anyone be surprised if they launched a full-scale invasion and occupation of the Crimea or the Ukraine if they felt they needed to? Is it right? Is it dangerous? Will the west take action if any of these things came to pass? Who knows for sure, but it is just another step to further destabilizing an already destabilized world and it is not good for anyone. Still worried about Fukishima? Well you should be, because we are doing a pretty good job of wrecking this world, eh?


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  1. Well bro you do know your stuff.
    I on the other Hand … rRr have been left out of the real world since moving in with my wife.
    To busy to worry about the REAL world. Glad you are keeping up with it all.
    Keep me informed!!!

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