Canada in Serious Trouble?


What kind of trouble you might ask, is this economic trouble, political trouble, trouble from terrorists or external attack, what kind of trouble are we talking about? All of the above and more I would say and it is not about to stop anytime soon, but only get worse. How is Canada in trouble economically you might ask, but really the question is are the country’s economic troubles going to continue, because they have been going on for several years now. I lived in Victoria, B.C. since 1991 and the economic troubles I saw going on in the rest of the country seemed to have bypassed Victoria, until just a few years ago. The rest of the country seemed to be in the toilet economically, with rampant unemployment, increasing problems with homelessness as more and more people fell off the other side of being unemployed into increased poverty and it was just getting worse. Then the bottom feel out of the economy in B.C. as well and after some economic struggles of my own I moved to northern Alberta to take advantage of the boom created by the oil industry, an industry that has kept Alberta above the increasing poor economic state of the rest of the country. Now the oil industry of Alberta is increasingly under attack from the world as being the the creator of “dirty oil” from northern Alberta and while money talks and people  the world over are increasingly dependent on fossil fuels, there is the chance that opposition to oil from Alberta, primarily of the the “dirty oil” variety, could have a negative impact on Alberta’s economy. That could very well drag the entire Canadian economy even further into the toilet bowl, since our country has exported the manufacturing power it once had to Mexico and Asia, leaving us our natural resources, including oil, as one of the only things we have left of value to the rest of the world.

How about political trouble? Well if you are paying attention you will know that Stephen Harper is political trouble, getting headlines the world over for his policies. Those policies are killing our scientific community, again once known as top tier, but increasingly losing any chance of taking a lead in the world’s scientific community. The rights of workers in this country have been under siege since Harper came into power, our medical system is being dismantled, our Canada Pension Plan, well, I don’t expect there to be one by the time I retire, thanks to Stephen Harper, need I go on? This government has done more damage to the democratic system in Canada than any other previous government I can think of, and it is just getting worse. Can it get worse? Oh yes, just elect the Conservatives to another term and watch just how much worse it will get.

External attack or terrorism you ask? Well, if you believe the government we already have terrorists, such as those protesting the fracking  exploration in eastern Canada, where the RCMP are being deployed to protect the interests of the oil companies doing the exploration. Do we have foreign armies landing on Canadian soil? No, we have foreign countries owning vast amounts of Canadian resources, such as oil, gas, timber and even our water supplies. We have the Canadian government engaged in creating trade deals that will insure those foreign interests continue to have access to our resources, regardless of what the people in Canada want. But then again, if nobody knows what the government is doing, then how can they oppose it, and that certainly seems to be the case, as much of what is being arranged and negotiated seems to be known or understood by very few. Once these deals are signed and sealed then it is possibly too late to do anything about it, NAFTA being a case in point. So what is there that ordinary people in Canada do if they are in opposition to what our government is doing? Other than writing blogs like this and casting your vote in the next election, what can people do? What indeed!


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